Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Trip to Japan

Have been MIA for a while...but want to post this to end the year 2008, some photos of the trip to Tokyo, taken few weeks back. Had a great time there...and didn't really want to come back at all .. ;)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Finally, It's time for coffee

I have got my life back... yes, indeed God is good and he sent me a new helper last Friday. What a relief! After handling over some of my 'duties' in the house to her , now i have time to sit and sip my cup of coffee. ;)

Been busy for the past weeks (not really sure on what) but i managed to find time to continue my baking journey, this time, like everybody else, 'mooncake'. My pingpei mooncake turned out quite well, and recipe was simple, except that i wasnt very sure of the proportion between the filling and the skin. Anyway, auntie elisa told me later that the skin is a bit too thick.. it should be 30:70. Made the second batch, due to "request"... so i guess it is not bad afterall!

Zach had plenty of fun during the one week break. As usual, he will dig out all his toys and can spend hours playing them. Recent 'in' toys are..stickers and card game. He managed to "con" some of his girlfriends for the stickers and trade the cards with the neighbour by letting the other boy play his playstation! Gosh..i wonder where he learnt that from!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mouse Hunting

Three days back while chatting on the phone, somehow i saw this lil' mouse crawling slowly into my kitchen... and for those that know me well enough, you can surely imagine how loud i was screaming away! And lucky i have these two heroes that was quick enough to shoo it out from the kitchen and into the laundry area. Couldn't find it after that for sure, after the loud scream. It must have came in through the drain hole for the washing machine's water outlet!

That night itself, we went out to town to look for the mouse trap. Couldn't find the trap but manage to get this A3 cardboard with the very sticky glue instead. Not sure if it will work but what the heck, better than nothing! Asked hubby to put the trap at the washing machine area that night...and guess what i caught in the morning...a lizard!! hahaha. Nevermind, so i chucked the piece of cardboard outside the house. And when i got home for lunch, there was another lizard stuck to it and the lil' mouse..all glued to the cardboard like spiderman! Not a bad catch for only RM3.50 /cardboard.. I think it works better than the normal mouse trap and cheaper too!! Actually hubby later laughed and commented that he actually didn't expect that the cheap thing can actually catch anything when i first bought it!!! Dah! Forgot to take a photo of the catch to post it here... ;)

Anyway i guess there will be more mouse hunting coming along as now i know that it is so easy to get rid of those annoying pests!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sleepy and tired!

Yes, i am exhausted. Dead-tired! Sleepy! I need a break. TGIF!

Each week passed so quickly. Everything seems so routine these days. With additional housework to do (since my helper never come back from her 2 weeks' vacation!!!), there is just so much to finish up each day. Even at this moment, i am actually thinking what i'd need to do tomorrow. I think the window need some cleaning, hmm..and the mosquito nettings too.. and most of all my two doggies really need a good bath. I have promised them 2 weeks ago or was it 3 .....but anyway, until today, the promise has not been fulfilled!! Poor doggies! Not only that, these days we always have lotsa leftovers. So these lucky dogs get quite a number of varieties too...from mee to bihun to kuay teow to fried rice... And each time i feed them, they will look at the food and then my face! Must be thinking what is this crazy owner doing... Sometimes i have to assure them that they are safe to eat!! Anyway, i think they really do need a good bath this weekend!

Zach's finger is okay now. He says the new skin has come out! So godma, don't worry..... don't sue me!

Sometimes i wonder what does a 4-year old has in their mind. Compare to Zach, i believe that my world was pretty small at that age. I guess all i cared was play. But not the child of modern age. He was just asking me this question the other night. A friends' mom passed away and i explained to Zach about death, heaven etc. before letting him take a peek of the coffin. And that night, after his usual bedtime stories, he suddenly tell me, why not ask Jesus to bring heaven down. I asked him why and he continued to say that he doesn't want to die and be put in the coffin because then he cannot breath!! Nor he wants to be buried in the cemetary...since according to him, we have a house...so just continue to stay in the house!

The other question that surprises me was 'if all of you become old and die, then what happens to me?' Hm...to be honest, i do not have any answer for that....

Well..kids these days!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ouch! I hurt his finger!

Terrible day last Friday. My lil' boi woke up early at 6am telling me he wanted to help me with the housework and told me he will do so every morning so that we can finished all the work faster. Oh what a good boy I have here, I told myself. Indeed we got a lot of things done and since it was still early, I decided to bake some muffins for breakfast!

As usual, he wants to help..We were almost done with the mixer..when suddenly i heard him scream. He has poked his finger in between the mixing bowl and the mixer holder. Aiyo..i nearly pengsan. Checked on his finger and it was bleeding a bit..(Yes...i feel terribly guilty already, so Zach's Godma, please don't scold me!) "Fixed" him up and he stopped crying but continued to grumble for another 30 minutes...

Well, he is much better now and I have got enough scolding for that..

An expensive lesson learnt...but this is a much more important lesson i learnt from him.. That night while tucking him to sleep, i told him i am sorry i hurt his finger and this was his reply "Mummy, you hurt my finger, nevermind, I still love you. It is okay.."

Wah...hearing it from a 4 year old, so forgiving, I sure have a lot more things to learn from him!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Boyzone - Everyday I Love You

Love their songs...! Reminds me so much of Year 2001 ... ;) ..Wah.. i miss KL and my friends!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mom is back!

Oh..how glad i am that my mom is back. Did the 'handover' of the kitchen to her last Friday!!! But my new position now in the house is 'kakak' becos *sob* *sob*, the helper didn't come back after her two weeks' vacation. So gone are the days where i can relax and sip coffee after dinner (i know you must be laughing joyce!!). Anyway, we will wait for another week or so.. in case she decides to come back...else i will now have 3 jobs in a day, as how Zach puts it.

My new schedule remains but now with additional tasks... sweeping and mopping the floor, watering the plants, cleaning the toilets... wah.. i am glad i work 8 hours in the office!

Thus to release tension, i indulged myself into baking. More bread this time round... you name it, you get it ... mom wanted high fibre bread...zach, the usual sausage, hubby, doesn't matter. So i put all the ingredients for the bread into the bread machine and select the dough mode. Spent the whole hour to come up with the HFiber bread, cheese sticks, sausage and buttermilk buns! The whole house smells amazing during the baking!!! hahaha... And me, dead tired... after all the cleanup!